Create a smile to last for a lifetime.


Create a smile to last for a lifetime.

Get your summer off to a healthy start. Stone Oak Orthodontics, San Antonio’s premier provider of braces, is offering an “End of School Special” through May 15th.  We’re offering new patients a complimentary, initial consultation and free X-rays. Savings of $450.

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Multiple financing options are available to meet the needs of your family and budget.

About Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris

Dr. Norris believes in creating smiles for a lifetime. In addition to decades spent studying orthodontics, he has a background in mechanical engineering, which gives him the unique edge to master the forces, vectors, and movements inherent in performing orthodontic treatment. Dr. Norris is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and served as Chief of Orthodontics at Misawa Air Base, Japan, where he provided orthodontic care to troops and their families.

Why Choose Us

  • Dr. Norris and his team encourage a warm, friendly, and fun atmosphere where smiles come naturally!
  • We offer convenient office hours and a convenient location at 1604 and Stone Oak Parkway.
  • We specialize in the latest in modern technology for fast, effective treatment, so that your visits are quick.
  • We have been changing smiles for decades with high-quality, transformational care.

Our happy patients


My three daughters have all seen Dr. Norris. We’ve had to make some adjustments from orthodontia work done in another state since we weren’t happy with the way the work turned out. Dr. Norris’s staff has been very accommodating whenever we have an emergency. They are always very professional, helpful, and pleasant. We are very pleased with the results Dr. Norris achieved with our middle daughter and are finishing treatment with the first and third daughters. When we were looking for an orthodontist for our middle daughter, one orthodontist told us he would have to pull four teeth. Dr. Norris did not have to pull any teeth which is why we selected him.


Dr. Norris rocks! Every time I have an appointment I am treated with uber satisfactory service! I was running late today due to my work schedule and traffic so I called and let the staff know. I was several minutes late but I was still seen in a few short minutes. I had some chains placed and Dr. Norris even took his time to file down a sharp edge on one of my teeth. I am so very pleased with the way my teeth are changing. One more month and my braces come off! Thanks Dr. Norris and your staff!


Dr. Norris has figured out how to make kids LOVE to come to the orthodontist — siblings, too! He pairs top notch orthodontic care with perks like prizes, t-shirts, contests, movie day, video games, and the list goes on. Dr. Norris and his complete staff are always professional and kind, putting patients and their parents at ease. He meets kids at their own level and works with them to customize their plan for comprehensive orthodontic care. With Dr. Norris’ fantastic set-up, imagine my shock when the bill came in at half of what I was paying in Maryland for equivalent care. I have recomended Dr. Norris and his team to many friends.


Wow! Most people wouldn’t consider getting braces an enjoyable process but the staff at Stone Oak have done just that. Right from the beginning I was impressed. I was given multiple financing options. Dr. Norris called me the evening after I first got my braces to see how I was doing and to give me his personal, after-hours number in case of problems. Very above and beyond anything I expected. I had opted for the clear braces, but didn’t like them after 6 weeks. Dr. Norris replaced them with traditional braces at no additional cost. WOW! Besides Dr. Norris, I must also mention the rest of the staff, they are all wonderful, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. When you come to the door a sign reads “Enter Smiling,” and they practice what they preach. Upon entering you're greeted with the smile of Julie, Tonya or Cheryl. Marie is usually my provider. I swear, I think her parents gave her dental tools instead of a rattle as a baby. She’s amazing. Plus she’s funny, chatty and genuine. Would I recommend Stone Oak Orthodontics? I wouldn’t recommend you go anywhere else!

Create a smile to last for a lifetime.